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Twins and a Toddler

Babyourself’s interview with Fallon Crofoot

Twins and a Toddler

by Kristi Corley
photography by Jess McCleary Photography

In Spring, 2012, Ike and Fallon knew they were approaching the time frame for taking a pregnancy test. They knew it was a couple days before her missed period, and so taking the test was a little like playing with fire, but Ike talked her into it. After a family gathering in the master bathroom, Fallon began reading the instructions on how accurate these test are when they are several days early.

Ike interrupted her blabbering with an excited shout, “Fallon … it says you’re PREGNANT!” They began sharing hugs and kisses and swinging their daughter, Brinkley around their bedroom. A family of 3 had just went to 4!

At their scheduled ultrasound, the doctor took Fallon and Ike in to get their first glimpse of their baby, and all Fallon could think about was whether or not it was another sweet girl or a new little boy. Nothing else crossed her mind. About two seconds into the ultrasound, their doctor said, “Here’s the FIRST one.”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE FIRST ONE,” is all that Fallon could get out of her mouth before Ike started saying he thought he saw two little bodies! They both could have passed out. Surprised and amazed, with plenty of “Oh my goshes,” and “ARE YOU SURE? TWINS???”

Fallon’s pregnancy was event-filled, especially when they decided to move to a larger home. Not only would they need a bigger house, but they would need a double/triple stroller, an additional crib, carseat, bouncy seat and so much more. Fallon became a fan of online purchases, especially after the news of a three week bedrest order.

Ike and Fallon with twins At 35 1/2 weeks gestation, Fallon went in for a check up, and their doctor said she was good to deliver! After an amazing labor, Layla and Sutton joined their family at a respectable 6 lb., 3 oz. and 5 lb., 10 oz.!

Babyourself asked Fallon,

Now that the twins are here, what is your day-to-day life like?

Fallon: I am extremely regimented with a schedule! When it comes to the twins’ feeding routine, I feed them regularly every 3-hours. And while I love a schedule, I’m also a laid back person, which has definitely helped out! With twins, my “regimented schedule personality” comes out and says, “OK, we are going to eat at 10:30 a.m.” But then if they are both crying, it’s not like I can pick them up at the same time, and so I’ve learned to improvise.

I’ve learned that I can scooch them together and they realize they have each other and they stop fussing! It’s really neat! Not only have I learned patience, but all three of my girls have!

What would you say is different this time around? Compare having one baby to now having twins and a toddler.

Fallon: I’ve always been the “on the go” type of person! I don’t sit still well! I am constantly out and about doing stuff. And so that’s been a huge thing! You can’t just throw three kids in the car and go! I can’t just run up to the grocery store or run an errand! Now I wait until Ike gets home, or he does some errands
for me. Packing up the kids, especially with these HEAVY car seats … now it’s times-two!

I remember what it was like to pack up the diaper bag for Brinkley. This time I said, “The heck with the diaper bag! This time I’ll just use a small suitcase!” I can get all the girls’ diapers, extra sets of clothes, bottles, everything they need. Instead of cramming all of this in a normal size diaper bag, I’ve got my
Vera Bradley suitcase instead!

How is Brinkley adjusting to having not only one baby sister, but two?

Fallon: She is doing so good! In the morning, the first thing she asks is, “Where’s my babies?” She loves them so much! We really prepared her while I was pregnant. We got her twin baby dolls and a pretend doublestroller.

When the babies were born, it really connected with her that there were two babies, because she had already been referring to them in my tummy as Layla and Sutton!

What’s the biggest challenge?

Fallon: Well, I like to call it constructive chaos! There are days when something that used to be a simple task is now impossible! I’m so good at regimenting everything. There are days when it seems like it’s the easiest thing in the world, and then there’s days when I’m like, “Oh man, how am I going to get Layla fed, and Sutton changed, with this and that going on … but in the end, it’s all worth every bit!”


Are you a mom of multiples?

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Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. If you would like more information, please send an email to


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