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The Mom Bag
and our TOP 10 FAVORITE On-the-Go Products!

by Elisabeth Myrick

When a mom ventures out with baby for the first time, it seems as though her bag suddenly includes everything for every possible need baby might have while out and about, including, but not limited to diapers, wipes, pacifier, bottles, bibs, hand sanitizer, and sometimes, the actual kitchen sink (you never know right?). My daughter’s diaper bag was the size of a small piece of carry-on luggage, and I carried a purse with it! As you grow a little more confident and learn to anticipate what your baby will actually need, the load lessens slightly, and once your baby becomes a toddler, the diaper bag may even get packed away in favor of a big purse.

Now I that my daughter is two and a half, I carry two bags, one that stays in the car and includes everything I like to refer to as my “contingency items” the other bag is my gigantic purse that one friend affectionately calls my “Mary Poppins bag” which includes necessities for me and my daughter. So what would you find if you rummaged through my bags? Here are a few of our “mom bag” must-haves:

Sanitizing wipes: For cleaning off dirty picnic tables, shopping carts or public restroom toilet seats!
Entertainment: Crayon rolls with pads of paper, mini magna doodles, Matchbox cars, board books
Baby wipes: You never know what you might find on your little one’s face or hands!
Spare spoon and fork: Restaurant forks and spoons aren’t exactly kid-sized!
Food and drink: A sippy cup and snack trap or fruit bar are always in my purse.
Bottle of hand sanitizer
Personal items: Keys, cash, credit cards, ID, etc. I prefer to keep mine in a medium sized wristlet, so if I’m running out to the store alone, I don’t have to lug my huge bag!

Contingency items
Spare outfit, including shoes (inexpensive flip flops are fine!): Accidents happen, whether it be food, or a leaky diaper or a potty training incident. And putting soaked shoes back on an unhappy kiddo isn’t fun!
Plastic bag for soiled clothes: I use a small wet bag from my cloth diaper stash, or a Ziploc will work too!
First aid supplies: Assorted sizes of bandages (bonus if they are brightly colored or with pictures of your tot’s favorite characters!), antibacterial ointment, spare hand sanitizer
Teething ointment
Spare hand sanitizer
Stain removal wipes or pen
Children’s pain relief tablets
Baby shampoo and lotion
Itch relief stick or cream

The Warmze Bottle Warmer

Babyourself’s TOP 10 FAVORITE On-the-Go Products!

1. The WarmZe bottle warmer! A simple solution for heating baby’s bottle. Perfect for air travel, car trips, game days, shopping…anytime you are on the go! Easy to Use…2 easy steps to the perfect bottle temperature. Works with Most Brands…such as AVENT™, GentleFlow™ from Gerber™ and BornFree™. GOOD FOR A FULL DAY OF FEEDINGS!

2. Pirose Nursing Cover/Scarf by Reno Rose
This lightweight nursing scarf is stylish & functional. 12 ways to wear scarf; easy privacy cover for nursing; see your baby while she is nursing or napping. Made of breezy, washable 100% polyester, it folds compactly in purse or ties to a bag. Also a nice stroller or baby carrier shade.

3. The LifeProof iPhone Case!
Water Proof: Whether you surf the net or surf the beach LifeProof is your life guard. Take LifeProof swimming or relax in the bath while listening to your favorite tunes. Shock Proof: Life can be tough but LifeProof is as tough as you are. Even though LifeProof is ultra-sleek it is designed to Military specification and test to 6.6ft (2 meter) drop.Dirt Proof: On or off the road LifeProof can blaze the trail with you through dirt and dust. LifeProof withstands sandstorms, sand castles, mud, food, and construction dust.Snow Proof: Now you can ‘powder hound’ – ski or snowboard, or simply build a snowman with the kids knowing your LifeProof-protected device is completely sealed from snow and ice.

4. Laugh & Learn™ Apptivity™ Case for iPad® devices

This sturdy case will protect your iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 3 device from dribbles, drool, and sticky little fingers. Busy beads and a handle are great for go-anywhere play. And free Laugh & Learn™ apps mean plenty of learning fun! Your device locks securely inside case to protect against:
Baby’s dribbles & drool
Unwanted pressing of home button

On-screen activities
Help baby practice eye-hand coordination

Textured handle & rattle beads
Easy for baby to grasp, enhancing fine motor skills

Learning apps
Free downloads offer lots of baby-appropriate learning. Rocker base makes apps even more interactive!



  1. Naomi simpkins says:

    I am commenting for give away contest

  2. Megan says:

    My baby isn’t even born yet but with 2 others, I could have used a WarmZe for years!! Where was this product on long car rides with an infant?!?! Can’t wait to utilize my WarmZe!!

  3. joanna garcia says:

    i love all these items! andd the warmze, best idea ever!! i love the giveawayu!

  4. angela eddings says:

    that is so neat! I would love to win one for baby number 2!

  5. Terri says:

    Love to have this for my grandson!!! What a great idea!!!

  6. kristin chadwick says:

    Would love to win this 🙂

  7. lisa says:

    Baby ty would love this toy. He is a big fan of my baby stimulants on my galexy note.

  8. Amy says:

    My toddler really enjoys “playing” with my IPad so I would love to win this!

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