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Kristi Corley, Editor in Chief

photo courtesy twenty3moments photoart

This summer I have A LOT going on! How about you?

Our vacation this year is being planned by my 13-year-old! Yep! She is making the decision on where we go, all because she was awarded a “Dreams Come True” trip for her heroic recovery from brain surgery a year ago. It’s a toss-up between Hawaii or the Bahamas. She made this choice all on her own without any persuasion. Promise!

Whether you are vacationing far away, or staying close this summer, something that is always a central focus is the weather! We were incredibly thrilled that Amy Sweezey of WESH 2 News sat down with us to give us some practical advice and tips for the summer heat and hurricane season.

I hope you have a safe and FUN summer with your kid(s). There are endless things to do, places to go and people to see, but I hope in the midst of it all that you will take some time for yourself! I say this time and time again, but my passion is for YOU – the momma!

Yes, I adore your children and I could love and squeeze on them all day, but my main passion is for you. So please, treat yourself to a good meal. Shower for more than 2 minutes. Sit outside in a comfy chair and feel some sunshine on your face. Enjoy an ice-cold beverage free of any baby back-wash. Read a book (a nonchild-rearing book!). Tell your sweetheart you love him. And sleep. Not only do you deserve it, you need it – consider it a vacation for yourself.

Kristi Corley
editor in chief


  1. Jackie says:

    Summer…oh how I love thee! 🙂 Currently, I have a trip to PR fully booked (seeing inlaws), planning to drive to SC (with the kids! yikes!), hoping to find the time (and money!) to get to NY (to see MY family), as well as keep the kids so busy during the daytime that they are in bed sleeping by 8 every night! 🙂 In addition, this is going to be the summer that I spend time with ME, writing, blogging, snapping pics, grabbing the girlfriends and simply taking time for mommy! cheers!

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