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How To Get That Tight End!

It’s football season, so what’s better than a few exercises to change up your workout routine and get that booty feeling a little tighter?

by Kirsten Evans
Franchise Owner & Fitness Instructor
Baby Boot Camp® Bring your baby. Get fit®

Quick-Knee Repeaters

Target Zones: Quadriceps, hips, hamstrings, glutes, abductors (aka outer thighs), saddle bags (booty dimples), and thighs – all while getting a great cardio burst to burn lots of extra calories. Increase the speed to really get the heart pumping!

How to perform: Plant your entire left foot on top of the bleacher, curb, step or just slightly in front of you on the ground, with good posture and balance. Brace your core while the right foot is on the ground or just behind you, resting on the ball of your foot. Lean torso forward.

Reach arms up and overhead. As you pull elbows back towards your back pockets, squeeze your shoulder blades and simultaneously drive your back knee (right) up toward your chest, tucking and squeezing your core and left glute (foot that is pressed into step). Return leg to starting position and repeat on the same leg for 60 seconds before switching to the other leg.

Intensity and Modifications: To really increasing the intensity, just tap the back foot quickly to the ground before driving it back up. Alternatively, to take the intensity down, reduce the time per leg, starting with 20 seconds, and increase your timing by intervals (20s, 30s, 40s) as you progress. Always brace, pulling core in tight and controlled and pressing through the entire foot on the bench. Spread the toes and push through the heel to really drive that knee up towards the chest.

Lateral Step Up with Side Abduction and Lift

Target Zones: GLUTES, GLUTES and did I mention GLUTES? This is a booty kicker – and JLo does this one!

How to perform: Lift leg (left) and place foot on the bleacher, step or curb and just an inch forward of straight leg (right) that is on the ground. Power through the entire (left) foot on the bench, pushing body upward with the left glute and leg muscles, pressing up to a straightened leg. When you are up, raise the (right) leg back, squeezing the top of the glutes. Slowly lower and return to start position. The next time you come up, lift the (right) leg out, squeezing side glute. Then step down, returning feet to original position. Repeat with opposite leg, alternating between legs – 15 reps each side, REPEAT 3x. Lifting leg outward and leg lift backward equals 1 rep!

Intensity and Modifications: If modified on a curb or step, begin to bend the leg that is on the step to increase length of how much you are pressing your body upwards. Don’t go super low, just add a little bend in the knees to increase the intensity.

Also, if you’re a Power Mom wanting to increase intensity even more, check it! Go quick with just a tap on the ground and no out or behind lift for 30s then slow it down to add lift and then go again with quick taps. Power through the leg and glute that is lifting your body to a straight leg.

Single Leg Bleacher Lunge

Target Zones: Quads and hammies (aka hamstrings), glutes and abductors /adductors. This one will burn, but it’s best to go slow and controlled, with great form!

How to perform: Begin by facing away from bleacher, step or curb. Extend leg back and place top of foot on bench. Squat down by flexing knee and hip of front leg until knee of rear leg is almost in contact with floor. If you are on curb or step, the knee may touch. Return to original standing position by extending hip and knee of forward leg. Repeat on same leg for 15 repetitions, then switch to opposite leg. Keep your torso tall, core braced, shoulders back and down. Forward knee should point in the same direction as the foot throughout the movement, and the knee should be directly over the ankle and behind the toes.

Intensity and Modifications: If the bleacher, curb or step is too much, come into a static lunge, with no incline for back foot. Simply step forward with both knees at a 90° angle, squat down, bending both knees to a comfortable level. Back knee does not need to touch ground. Continue in the stance and repeat. To increase the intensity, as you lower on your 15th rep, hold and pulse for 15 seconds.

Bench Pistol Squat or Squad Hover

Target Zones: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, and Core.

How to perform: Begin by facing away from the bleacher or bench. This exercise is not meant for curb or step unless you are a Power Mom already trained to go all the way down into a full pistol squat. With left foot flat on the ground, press through the entire foot while extending the right leg, engaging your quads, hamstrings and core. Reach your arms out in front for balance and control. Slowly lower your booty to the bench. You will likely lose control during the lowering phase and wind up plopping down onto the bench at the bottom. That’s fine for now. In time your control will improve to the point where you no longer need to sit on the bench.

Keeping your arms up and reaching forward, simultaneously press your left foot again into the ground while tightening your abs. Don’t let your heel come off the ground. If you’re strong enough, you should be able to lift yourself off the bench. Once you get to a standing position, again lower yourself slowly to repeat again for 15x before switching legs.

Intensity and Modifications: Not everyone is ready to extend their leg and work to perform a single leg pistol squat and that’s OK! Let’s strengthen those legs, booty and core to build up to the point when we are able to perform the pistol squat. Also, I recommend the squat hover. This will build your endurance, concentration and strength. Standing with feet just hip-width apart. Extend your arms again, but instead of lifting that left leg, simply lower your booty to hover over the bench and hold for 15 seconds. Increase your hold time after every 10 seconds of rest. Next, with abs pulled in, arms extended, flatten your back and stand right back up, pulling hands toward your hips.


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