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After-Beach Bathing Kit

After-Beach Bathing Kit

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follow us on Instagram @TheMomsMagazine

by Heather Murphy


Sweaty. Sticky. Sandy.

Those are NOT characteristics of summer fun that I tend to enjoy, but beach trips with babes has definitely brought this on in full force.

Since my family loves to spend our summer afternoons soaking up the gorgeous rays on the beach, I found myself thinking of how I could make the clean-up less messy for all. The thought of actually arriving home from a day of ocean fun without feeling like our little one had ten pounds of sand stuck to him almost seemed too good to be true.

No one likes putting their kiddo in the clean car seat all wet and full of sand. Not to mention, it is not comfy and soothing for them either!

Some beaches we visit have showers to rinse off in, but let’s be honest, the concept is nice but they are covered in sand again by the time you get back to the car – or in many cases, the shower area looks suspect and you skip it altogether.

I needed something that could hold everything we need to clean up our little guy at the car, after our day of fun.

My solution – the After Beach Bathing Kit.


12-gallon Rubbermaid tote
1-2 gallons water
1-2 towels per child
Extra set of clothes per child
Wipes and Kid Bodywash

For my project, I picked up a Rubbermaid tote that could hold everything for the beach, and double as a bath for my little guy. I decided to go with a 12-gallon size because it would fit well in the back of my SUV, as well as in the trunk of our car. You can find these totes at any local retail store for less than $10.

Once you’ve enjoyed your day of fun in the sun, bring your babe back to the car and place him in the tote (but never unsupervised!). Use your bottled water and bodywash to rinse the salty, sticky ocean water off. If your child is small enough, they can even use the tote with water to bathe in – it’s the perfect size! Then, towel dry and change them into fresh, clean clothes!

To me, there is nothing better than being able to put a happy, clean, sun-kissed babe in the car for a calm drive home after a beautiful day at the beach!

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  1. Sarah says:

    If they are already dry but still sandy, baby powder works wonders! A little sprinkle and it will rub right off.

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