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10 favorites that simplify a mom’s life

by Joanne Casals

I work full time and have two kids that keep this momma really busy and I like to have things that add simplicity to my life. I have always considered myself a very practical person. I spend the time to research things that I am going to be investing my money on in hope that they are worthwhile for me and my family.

I narrowed down 10 things that are my “Go-To’s” when things are crazy. I am very grateful to have these items to rely on.

  1. Amazon Prime – I am a busy mama that works full time outside of our home. When daycare leaves me a note in the middle of the week that I will be out of diapers for my 2 year old it is not the kind of update I want to hear. The thought of going to the store, after work with 2 kids just for diapers doesnt sound like a good idea. Enter Amazon Prime (insert angelical music here). I have used it to have diapers, wipes and even soap (yes, soap!) delivered to my doorstep with 2-day Free-shipping. I use it for last minute birthday supplies and even Christmas shopping. The guarantee that it will get to my doorstep without me spending the gas or getting out of my car to go to the store is totally worth it.

  2. Magic timer App for Iphone – Brushing teeth before bed sometimes can be a battle, but not with this app. It helps bring the fun back to this daily routine. It encourages kids to brush for 2 minutes. They can choose from their favorite Disney characters as their “toothbrush” and brush away revealing a pretty picture on the background. They can collect stickers and keep track of how many times they brushed each day.

  3. Planet Box lunch boxes -I researched for the most “user friendly” lunch box for my son to use at school and I think I found a great one. This container is both environmentally friendly and a joy to pack. No more plastic bags, or lids, or containers. Packing lunch is a breeze due to its compartments that also encourages portion control. I liked it so much I even got one for myself! I will be providing a review of them here in the blog very soon.

  4. Hulu Plus – We cut cable tv 6 years ago and have relied on Hulu to keep up with our favorite shows. For $7.99/month I watch current shows just a day behind (which is kind of the same as using DVR). I love staying current on my favorite shows without spending the big bucks on cable service.

  5. Day One App (for iPhone) – I have always kept a journal and these days with everything being digital it has become way easier. With Day one, I keep notes of our happenings, notes about the kids’ school, Dr. appointments and I have access to it all in all my devices. I can create “tags” for each of these events and each of the kids which helps me find notes much easier.

  6. Library Card – Reading is one of my favorite things to do and encouraging my kids to do the same is a must. With our library card we are able to check out books, renew them online and request them to be delivered to our house. They also have downloadable books that sync to my Kindle, free music and free electronic magazines that I check out and read using my iPad.

  7. The Skimm – This was my most recent find. The Skimm is a daily newsletter with just the right amount of news. They do the reading for you and break it down with a nice sense of humor. I have tried similar email subscriptions like this before, but this one is short, sweet and to the point.

  8. Emeals – Last year I signed up for this service and each Wed I receive a weekly meal plan based for the type of food plan I chose. Each meal has its own ingredients,  instructions and a shopping list for the store I choose. I really enjoy coming home and knowing that I am cooking a delicious meal that will be ready in no time and most importantly, that it will be healthy. Better yet, one of their newest plans is a Kid-Friendly meal Plan.

  9. iPhone – This little gadget has become my best friend. It helps me stay organized because I can share our family calendar and grocery list with my husband. It’s my camera, my video recorder, it keeps me on time for appointments and even helps me get places. I seriously would be lost without it because it helps me that much.

  10. Apple TV – (Obviously I am an Apple fan- haha!). The magic that happens with all their devices and how they synchronize is pure – well – magic. Apple TV is the way that we watch movies, TV and even a slideshow of our most recent photos taken with the iPhone. I no longer worry about scratched DVD’s because with iTunes, all of my purchases are digital and I have access to the store from the main menu. I can mirror my iPhone/iPad screens on my TV using Airplay and show photos and videos to a small or large audience. It provides access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, You tube and much more.

Our job as parents is certainly not simple. I am hoping that by sharing these with you, that it will help you and your life become a bit more simple.

What about you? I would love to know what are your “Go to’s” are. Please share!


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