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Rece Hinds’ parents, Michelle Reed Drake & Burton Hinds, appear to have separated long back yet share a cordial relationship

Cincinnati Reds rookie Rece Hinds grew up alongside his big family, which included his parents, Michelle Reed Drake and Burton Hinds, sister Alexia Hinds, stepfather, and stepsiblings.

During an exclusive talk with News Channel 8, Rece said that when he was about three years old, he already had his stepfather around him, suggesting that his parents separated while he was still a child.

When an interviewer asked him how he fell in love with a baseball game, he said, “I would say my stepdad. …Every time we talk about baseball, my stepdad always brings this up.” That’s how he developed an interest in the game.

However, despite parting ways in a very early phase of their parenthood journey, Rece’s parents still get along well.

On January 3, 2024, his father, Burton, shared a New Year celebration post on his Facebook, in which he appeared with his children and former partner, Michelle. They appeared absolutely joyful.

Rece Hinds said his parents are ‘extremely happy’ for whatever he achieved as a baseball player

On July 8, 2024, Rece Hinds made his MLB debut. He played a game against the Colorado Rockies at Great American Ball Park and dazzled his audiences with his spectacular playing skills.

He, in fact, made history, becoming the first player in MLB history to accomplish 5 extra hits in the first two games.

Nonetheless, his first MLB career made him shine high, eventually earning him wide media attention.

Later, in an interview with Bally Sports Cincinnati, he talked about his debut experience, which made him appear really thrilled. He also mentioned his parents and said, “They’re just extremely happy and proud of me for what I’ve done and accomplished so far.

Rece also discusses his mother in an interview inside the stadium. Relatively, he appears to be more grateful to his mother, Michelle, than his dad for whatever he has achieved lately.

Rece even shouted out for his mother, calling ‘Michelle’ in the stadium during the game. Later, he expressed his gratitude toward his mother, thanking her for making him who he is today.

Additional Information

  • Rece Hinds was born in Niceville, FL, on September 5, 2000. He is currently 23 years old.
  • He graduated from Niceville High School. He is 197cm tall and weighs 97 kg. Cincinnati Reds drafted him for the second round in 2019.
  • His mother, Michelle Reed Drake, is a Mortgage Loan Processor at the University Lending Group in Niceville, according to her Facebook introduction.
  • As per our research, Rece’s mother, Michelle, is of white descent, and his father is black.

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