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Anne Wilson called Lainey Wilson her ‘big sister’ though they are not related by blood

American musicians Anne Wilson and Lainey Wilson don’t have any family ties, though they share the same surname.

However, Anne and Lainey Wilson are deeply related, as they have developed a bond through music. In fact, the singer duo prefers to call one another ‘the long-lost Wilson sisters.’

In an exclusive talk with People magazine in April 2024, rising singing star Anne said that Lainey is exactly 10 years older than her, so she likes to address Lainey as her ‘big sister.’

The singer duo had their first meeting during the Jamming session for their collaborated album in 2023.

Whatever experience Anne gained during their jamming session together was reflected in her words, as she spoke highly of her senior Lainey, saying, “She’s got so much experience that she’s been so gracious to share and kind of be a mentor to me.”

Also, during her appearance on the Bobby Bones Show, Anne said that Lainey Wilson had been one of her inspirations, and it was cool to have her in her life like her big sister, though they are not blood-related.

Non-blood sisters Anne Wilson and Lainey Wilson collaborated in the single ‘Praying Woman’

Anne and Lainey Wilson recently released their collaborated song Praying Woman, and it got broad appreciation from the audience, especially from women.

On its release day, songwriter Trannie S Anderson dedicated a post to Anne and Lainey’s song on Instagram, writing, “Happy release day, Anne!!! 🙏🏻 “Praying Woman” is truly one of my favorite songs I’ve ever been a part of writing...”

Anne and Lainey teamed up for the song in 2023, and the experience was fruitful, especially for Anne. She told Billboard that she absolutely loved working with Lainey.

The two Wilson musicians first met in 2020 through Instagram, but they met in person in 2023 for a jamming session of their song and instantly bonded.

Despite being kind of strangers, they discussed so much of their mom’s stuff that they ended up writing a song, Praying Woman, together to honor their mother.

Additional Information

  • Lainey Wilson was born to her parents, Brian and Michelle Wilson, on May 19, 1992, in Baskin, Louisiana. She grew up in her hometown with her only sister, Janna Wilson Saddler.
  • Anne Wilson is the daughter of Ket and Lynn Wilson from Lexington, Kentucky. She has an older sister named Elizabeth, a fashion designer, and an older brother, Jacob Wilson.
  • Anne’s brother Jacob passed away in a tragic car accident, and that inspired Anne to divert her career to the music world.

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