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SeaWorld Made Simple with Small Children

SeaWorld Made Simple with Small Children

by Mary Church

SeaWorld Made Simple!

SeaWorld, like other theme parks, is filled with roller-coasters and rides and LOTS of great adventures for older kids. But what about the younger kiddos? Here is a guide especially for the tiny tots. You will be able to see everything on this map in 3 hours or less (depending on diaper changes and eating time). After you’ve made your way around the park, you can call it quits for the day, or enjoy one of the many shows.

Stop 1: Manta
Yes, Manta is a big scary roller-coaster. But there is a hidden gem that is so easy to just skip right over. Just after the ride entrance is the Aquarium Entrance. You DO NOT want to miss this! It is spectacular inside.

Stop 2: Stingrays
This is an interactive spot, where you can touch and feed the stingrays! Just be careful to not get splashed. I remember this station from when I was a kid. Where else can you pet a stingray without worrying about getting stung?

Stop 3: Dolphins
This is another interactive spot, where you can feed and pet the dolphins. This is a popular spot that is usually crowded. If it is too crowded, there is a great air-conditioned underwater viewing station just around the corner.

Stop 4: Turtle Trek
This is a 3-D movie that is TOO scary for little ones. However, if you tell the attendant that you want to skip the movie, they’ll let you go to the turtle viewing area. The friendly turtles love to come to the glass and follow you around.

Stop 5: Journey to Atlantis
Obviously, small children can’t ride the ride. However, there is another hidden gem here. Enter through the exit of the ride, through the air-conditioned store, to find a small aquarium that you can even walk on!

Stop 6: Antarctica
This is a ride that small children can go on. I suggest going on the “easy” part. This was the first ride my little one ever went on, and she did great. Not one tear. And there is a SPECTACULAR (freezing cold!) surprise at the end.

Stop 7: Sea Lions
Sea Lions are so adorable! There is never a dull moment when we visit this spot. They are always playing and barking. Depending on the time of day, you are even allowed to feed them.

Stop 8: Sharks
Warning, this stop may be intense for your little one. You are in a tube/tunnel under a huge aquarium so you can see sharks at every angle. My little one was completely fine as long as we talked her through it and held onto her.

Stop 9: Happy Harbor
This is where you will spend most of the day. There is a unique carousel, train rides, splash pad, small roller-coaster, and a MASSIVE play area. Your kids will be exhausted after playing here.

Stop 10: Wild Arctic
This is another ride that may be too intense for the kiddos. But skip the ride, and inside you’ll find playful Beluga whales, lounging polar bears, and a hilarious walrus. Each exhibit offers an above view AND underwater view.

And again, after you’ve made your way around the park, you can call it quits for the day, or enjoy one of the many shows!



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