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{Giveaway: Special Edition, Gold BABYBJÖRN Smart Potty!}


BabyBjorn Giveaway!

BabyBjorn Giveaway!


June is National Potty Training Month and BABYBJÖRN has a fantastic giveaway for The Moms Magazine readers – a special edition, gold BABYBJÖRN Smart Potty! (not available in stores or for purchase.) There are EIGHT ways to enter, so be sure to enter for your chance to win!

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BABYBJÖRN has also put together a list of top potty training tips from Dr. Robyn Strosaker, Pediatrician from UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. 

Potty Training Tips


  • Most children can be ready to start potty training between 18-24 months. Children will train easier before 24 months; some can become willful after that point.
  • Both the family and the child need to be ready. Review the signs of readiness and make a plan with your significant other.
  • If your child is having trouble, stop for 2-4 weeks and then try to restart.
  • Find a time when you can be around during the week to start potty training. Summer vacations or holidays are the best times.


  • Sticker charts are great. If your child earns a certain number of stickers, they can earn a non-food reward.
  • If your child still wants to go in their diaper, take them out of it. If they are wearing underwear, they will feel uncomfortable when they are wet. If you are concerned about the mess, you can put the underpants on under the diaper. For those kids who don’t like wearing underpants, encourage them to wear them for a short time and offer rewards when they keep them clean and dry.
    • As a side note, there is nothing developmentally different between pull-ups and a diaper. Training will go quicker with underpants.


  • If your child has a certain area of the house he/she prefers to go potty in, it might be a good idea to get a portable potty and let him/her try that.
  • Put the portable potty in a room where the child typically plays to help them get used to the idea.

Other Considerations

  • Most kids aren’t ready to be dry at night until they start waking up dry from naps and some mornings.
  • To help keep them dry at night, stop liquids 2-3 hours after dinner, depending on your child’s bedtime.
  • When traveling: take a portable potty or potty seat with you, but you may need pull-ups for long car trips or plane rides.

Click here to find out more information on the Smart Potty and see other colors available!


  1. Summer I. says:

    I think they can both be challenging, but I think girls might be easier.

  2. Michael T says:

    girls are definitely easier.

  3. Liberty T. says:

    We have not tried potty training yet but I have heard that boys are harder to train!

  4. Courtney Beach says:

    I am curious to see if my son would sit on the potty or just push it around like a toy

  5. Kendra says:

    I only have experience with girls, so in a couple years I’ll be able to tell you which was easier! 🙂

  6. Alexandra says:

    I’m currently trying to potty train my almost 3 year old. She’s been successful with peeing but has had lots of trouble with her bowels the last couple of months. Can’t wait till we are done with this stage 😀

  7. Manda Healey says:

    I think boys are easier to potty train

  8. Misty S says:

    IMHO, potty training is harder whichever the gender is…

  9. Kelly M. says:

    I’m about to start potty training my first in the next few months but I have heard girls are easier to potty train!

  10. Lindsey says:

    Girls, though my son did great!

  11. stacee walker says:

    I have never trained a boy…so girls!

  12. Alicia says:

    Girls are easier to potty train!!

  13. caroline Henderson says:

    I think girls are easier to train.

  14. April says:

    My boys were pretty easy and I have a girl who is 20 months so we shall see

  15. jared Henderson says:


  16. Arlene S. says:

    I have both and I had it easier with my daughter. My son only wants to use the public bathrooms and not practice at home. So gross.

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