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Planning the Birth of Your Dreams

Written by Cristy Nielsen, Photography by The Nielsens Photography & Design

Planning the Birth of Your Dreams

1. Your Care Provider

When you are choosing WHO will deliver your baby, do your homework and realize you don’t have to go with the  first doctor or midwife you meet with. You will want to know the pros and cons between the choice of a midwife or an obstetrician.

Sometimes the decision is as easy as knowing WHERE you want to deliver your baby. If your choice is to deliver at home or a birthing center, your choice will be narrowed to that of a midwife. Midwives do also facilitate in hospital births. Planning the Birth of Your Dreams

If you would rather deliver at a hospital, your decision can include an obstetrician or a midwife. Midwives typically care for less patients at the same time so their service is more intimate and personalized. Many times this decision is the hardest to make, but remember, this is your choice.

2. A Birth Photographer

Hire a professional photographer to photograph your birth. You will most likely forget a lot of what goes on during the throes of labor. Your birth photos will remind you of how special the day was and capture all of the emotions and feelings of the day.

3. A Doula

Births that are attended by a doula have statistically lower intervention rates and far higher mother satisfaction.

4. Incorporate Water Planning the Birth of Your Dreams

Water is an amazing tool for relaxation and pain relief. If you are in a hospital, utilize the tub or shower.

5. Massage

Hire a massage therapist to care for you during your pregnancy, during your birth, and in the days postpartum. Massage helps new moms to relax and de-stress!

6. Support

Surround yourself with those you love and trust and who are supportive of your birth goals and wishes.

7. Design Your Birth Sanctuary

Include items in your birth that inspire and ground you. Examples include pieces of art, statues, inspirational sayings, candles (battery operated candles if in the hospital), ultrasound photos of your baby, etc.

8. Create Your Birth Mood

… by lowering the lighting, and playing relaxing music. Music that you can sing along with is a good distraction to help you get through the contractions and give you something else to focus on.

9. Enjoy …

Planning the Birth of Your Dreams … especially the first hour of holding your baby skin to skin. The first hour in a baby’s life is crucial in the new mom-and-baby bonding, establishing breastfeeding, and giving mom and baby some uninterrupted time to get to know each other face to face. Ask your care providers to do any necessary newborn assessments while baby is still on your chest.

Remember that all births are different, even from one baby to the next. Try not to put too much weight in things going exactly as planned.

Having a birth plan is a wonderful idea, but understand that with birth, often things don’t go according to your plan. The birth of your dreams is not a list – it’s merely a journey to that moment when you hold your baby in your arms.

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  1. Dr Erin Spaulding DC says:

    Don’t forget to see a Webster Certified Chiropractor throughout your pregnancy. The Webster’s technique allows for optimal fetal positioning due to pelvic balancing.

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