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Juggling it all as … The Happening Housewife

The Moms Magazine interviews Stephanie Wentworth about balancing family and her blog

“I am always in a blogging state of mind,” Stephanie laughs, as we sit and watch Colin play with his toy fishing pole. “I see an old bench in someone’s trash, and the vision of a restoration project appears in a bubble above my head. I would say most of my waking hours are consumed by my blog, whether it be mentally or physically.”

In early 2014, Stephanie started blogging. She’s a go-getter. The type of momma who gets wrapped into something and goes at it full speed. So as a mom to two kids, including a son with special needs, Stephanie weighed the commitment.

The Happening Housewife

The Happening Housewife

“My boys are my world!” Stephanie beams. “Kenedy is 10 months old. I honestly can’t believe he’s almost one! He is the sweetest, most patient little person. He’s free of words for now, but his love for us is clear. Colin, 3 years, is full of imagination. He plays in a way that I’ve never seen from another child his age. His creativity and exceptional playing skills amaze me every day.”

Colin was recently diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. He needs special care and loads of patience when it comes to sensory processing, behavior and speech. They work hard every single day to make his struggles just a small bump in his life of long lasting happiness. Stephanie’s soon-to-be husband and loving daddy James is a caring and loving father to their boys and keeps Stephanie’s feet on the ground, head on her shoulders, and brain unscrambled. “I don’t know that I could ever do this thing called life without him.”

“I wanted to be able to pour my heart and soul into a blog once I created it, with minimal chaos in the background behind me. I wanted it to be more than just a hobby. I wanted share-worthy posts, real advice, and personal stories that would help other moms. So after researching for weeks, I finally decided on a name, website host, and blogging category that was perfect for my vision. And so, The Happening Housewife was created.”

“My first priority will always be my boys and their daddy. Colin has therapy three days a week, so a typical therapy day for us includes a battle to clothe my three year old, eventually ending in a win for me, a planner full of scribbles, crayon marks and phone numbers with genetics information, side notes to remember, and dinner ideas, and a blog post written in a quiet home at midnight with one eye open.


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