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Hello sunshine!!! Hello … bikini??

by Jackie Vega

Yes, it is that time of year again, and being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and enjoy the sun (and soak up some Vitamin D!).

It is possible to get back into your pre-pregnancy state, just as it is also possible to increase and maintain fitness health throughout any stage of pregnancy! (Big side note to all mommies and especially mommies-to-be: talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program.)

Personally, I like to put as much into a fitness move as possible because, let’s face it, even though fitness is my business and life, time is limited! And a full blown workout is often hard to fit into a busy mom’s schedule.

Kids by your side? Not a problem!

Give the younger ones a few new toys, have them draw a picture of you working out (good for the preschool-aged kiddos!), place different shapes in front of them if they are at the exploratory age and talk to them! Talking to your child is a great way to monitor your own pace.  If you are able to carry on a full conversation with your little ones, then you need to pump it up! You should only be able to give them little words such as the names of the shapes or color of your eyes! As for your older children, they should be encouraged (by YOU!) to join you on your quest toward being the fittest mommy in the neighborhood!

The biggest take-home tip:

Make it challenging. Make the time. Make it a consistent! And you too will get into your sunshine bikini in no time!!

burpee step 2 burpee step 1 burpee step 4
burpee step 3

Post pregnancy – Not your average burpee: This I learned from my short time with Slip Fitness, once I had my form down this became one of my favorite exercises: Start from a squat position, crouch down to touch the ground with both hands and jump back into a push-up (or if you are really looking for a challenge, do two push-ups!), jump back into a crouched position, continue standing up then jump straight up in the air, finishing with two jump lunges (remember with a jump lunge you are scissoring/switching your legs in mid-air).  After performing both jump lunges, begin again by jumping back down into the crouched position.  Perform as many as possible in a specified time slot, keeping your current fitness level in mind.  A safety side note, be sure to warm up for about five minutes and keep your knees at a 90 degree angle or less to avoid injury.

mountain jumpers, step 1 mountain jumpers, step 2
mountain jumpers, step 3

Mountain Jumpers: Starting from a crouching position, hop and bring your feet back into a plank position. Instead of holding it, immediately jump forward bringing your feet up to your chest again. Repeat and perform 10 or more! In addition, with this move you will be crunching your abdominal wall, giving you an ab workout too! (We did say this was bikini prep!) A modified version would be mountain climbers, alternating legs as opposed to keeping them together.  Set a time and perform as many as possible. This is a great follow-up to the not-your-average-burpee since it is more cardio, a lot of upper body strength and the use of core stabilizers!

Jackie Vega is the owner of – and a personal trainer at – Your Personal Wellness. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise (NCCA accredited company) and a nutritionist, with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Kansas State University and dietetics internship through Iowa State University. Jackie is married with two children, ages four and six, and her busy family life has drawn her specialties towards pre/postnatal, children and families, and mentoring mommys and mommies-to-be toward fit pregnancies and achieving that pre-baby physique! You can find her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter (FitFab2bRD) and read her blog at You can also contact her via email at, or by phone at 407-353-6929.


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