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Documenting your child’s growth… one video at a time!

By Yesenia Garrido
Owner of

I love my smartphone! It helps me stay connected with friends, saves me money at local stores (score!) and, since I’ve become a mommy, it captures my boys’ sweet little faces and voices in time forever!


Documenting your child’s growth with a video journal!

I love having “interviews” to look back on and remember my children’s voices and the ever-changing things that were important to them at each stage. Plus, it’s an easy (and free!) way to document your little ones as they grow.

Here are a few tips on “interviewing” your kiddos:

I first started “interviewing” my older son when he was 6 months old. It was possibly a little too early though, since every time I would start asking a question, he would begin to fall over and I would have to prop him back up again!

When he was 6 months old, I asked questions like, “Is Mommy your favorite? Blink once for yes, twice for no!”

It may be a little harder to get your baby to talk on command, but keep trying! Capturing their first few words are wonderful momentos.

Toddlers and school-age:
For older children, try to seat them in the same chair every time. We have actually moved quite a bit and have changed furniture a few times, but we have kept that same chair. It’s precious now!

Ask questions like, “How old are you? . . . What is your favorite book or song? . . . What do you want to be when you grow up? . . . What’s your favorite subject at school?”

I love how my little one’s answers change from year to year. And I love how their mannerisms and personality were apparent so very early and haven’t changed much at all! My son cannot sit still for the life of him, and in every video his fun, lively personality shines through!

I now have three boys and about once a year, I sit these sweet little boys down in that special chair and ask them about life, love and the meaning of happiness. Sometimes they have given us baby talk, and sometimes they have blown us away with an enlightened answer.

Eventually, my husband and I will have a video montage of their growth throughout all of childhood. And it only takes a few minutes with the smartphone. That’s even better than saving some money on craft supplies!

376962_197756550303658_1699733906_n Yesenia is a Graphic Designer turned Pottery Guru turned Mommy of Three and Owner of Orlando Mommy™. She loves making things pretty and is passionate about paper, color, and trying anything once! In her free time, Yesenia enjoys finding sweet spots for her kids in the Orlando area and rummaging through flea markets, thrift stores and vintage shops in search of the perfect entry table! She already has the perfect chair.

posted Apr 2, 2013


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