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Back to School in Style & with Character!

i am mermaid

fff babyourself 1 I’ve always had a dream to inspire women, young and old. Two years ago that dream came true when I launched i am mermaid LLC, a wave of trendy t-shirts and accessories full of inspiration. I’m humbled to know that i am mermaid has made a huge impact on the lives of women and girls who are inspired each day through the motivating and encouraging messages on our products, starting with our motto, “there are a million fish in the sea, but me, i am mermaid.” If we can get our young ones to grasp this truth early, to know there is nobody else like her – well, this is the game-changer.  ~ Haley Hunt Castille

Once upon a time, a little girl was being called “Dumbo” at school. Little did she know that this teasing would one day become an inspiration for one of her T-shirt designs. embrace flaws

With all of the sports I ever attempted to play and the endless piano recitals and theater camps I performed in, my mom was the best coach I ever had. Of course, cheering from the stands and showering one’s child with bouquets of flowers is what all great mommies do, but it wasn’t these moments of adoration that prepared me to take on the game of Life. My mom’s best coaching moments came during that pre-game preparation. They came in the things she did for me before the game even began.

The beginning of each school year starts a new journey, and all the new faces and the terrifying, unfamiliar territory takes big courage to face. When I was in kindergarten, I was bullied and called 06_24_32_IMG_3190 mermaid priceless mermaid mom girl names. Many times the teacher wasn’t there to stop it. In those moments, the words from my life-coach, my mommy, played like a broken record and helped me conqueror my fears, even at age five. She had prepared me for the best times and the inevitably tough times.

Now it’s your turn, Coach Mom! You’ve got the opportunity to help your children triumph by instilling values from the very beginning of their lives. Don’t underestimate the power of your simple car-ride talks or bedtime chats, because these are the game-changer moments. This is when the preparation takes place. Build that 07_42_24_superwoman paige 2 confidence in your child by letting her know just how unique, awesome and special she is.

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