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What is MOPS?!

by Kirsten Evans
Orlando Moms Blog

If you clicked on this post because you have seen this acronym around town and have yet to figure it out then you were like me. I was so confused as to what MOPS stood for or what the heck it was until I was approached by one of my fellow mom friends in our women’s ministry at church. She said it stood for Moms of Preschoolers and all I thought was, “I don’t have a preschooler,” my son is not even ONE years old yet. Why the heck would I be interested? Well I decided to give it a shot and it turned out to be such a wonderful experience that I am going on my 2nd year of joining MOPS.



MOPS is a national organization where local community churches host their own meetings following the theme of MOPS. I thought what a great way to share by posting the local ones I know of, so that more women and moms can join. My MOPS group have many that join that do not attend our church regularly.

To really captivate what MOPS meetings do for moms in our community, I decided to get their own personal expression of “What is MOPS to YOU?”?

“A way to connect with other moms in my stage of life!” Rene Griffin

“MOPS has given me more confidence as a mother, and as a leader.” Katy Leach

“Mops is something God uses to encourage me in this mothering season!” Angelica Cobb

“A group of like-minded moms; it reminds me I am normal and not alone in this beautiful mess called motherhood!” Grace Young

“MOPS has given me the opportunity to watch over the most amazing little God’s children. As a kid care worker.” Cathy Doty

“MOPS has given me lifelong friends, the opportunity to grow as a leader, and reminds me that I should give myself lots of grace during this season of mothering.” Brittany Jones

“I started going to mops to be able to see my friends more often, but I got so much more. The first year it was about survival, having a place where my kids would be cared for while I got time to be a person and not just a mom. I found the content to be inspiring and very helpful. One day in that first year I walked in feeling completely stressed and on the verge of tears, another mom gave me the best hug and told me it was OK.

The second year, I was happy to return, got to be a table leader and made 4 new amazing friends.

Now I’m in my third year, officially on the hospitality team and a table leader. I love MOPS for the friendships I’ve made, but even more for allowing me to look inside and find a faith I get to explore and expand.” Jayne Crosby

Jayne was my table leader at MOPS, and she was truly a blessing in my life as there were many times when I was going to not go to the meeting simply because I felt like I had to get so much done, groceries, laundry, business stuff and so forth. When I would reach out to her and mention that I may not be at the meeting this month, somehow she just knew that she had to be my encouragement to get there. When I made it, I felt so grateful for her motivation.

As a fitness instructor I’ve always felt like I have to be the encourager and motivator but it was the ladies in my MOPS and Baby Boot Camp Orlando that showed me we are all here to encourage one another by sharing fellowship.

Click here to find a MOPS near you!

by Kirsten Evans
Orlando Moms Blog


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