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Product Review – Endurance Shield

ENDURANCE SHIELD A few weeks ago, the team at Endurance Shield contacted us to review their “Performance Package” of all-natural skincare products. Considering how much time we spend in the sun during the summer, we agreed!

Endurance Shield’s products were developed right in our backyard (in Clermont!) by a pair of triathletes who were looking for a better, longer-lasting sunblock. The result? A sunblock with great ingredients that was waterproof, sweat proof, moisturizing, safe for sensitive skin, non-comedogenic and that protected against UVA & UVB. After their success with the sunblock, they quickly began expanding Endurance Shield’s other products, including a lip protectant with SPF; chamois crème (great for diaper rash!); and a muscle relief and repair lotion.

In the past few weeks, we’ve put the Endurance Shield products to the test and were happy with the results!

The sunblock was by far my favorite product and definitely one I’ll consider purchasing when our sample runs out. If you’ve ever tried a natural sunscreen in the past (like California Baby or Burt’s Bee’s) you’ll know they go on THICK! This is not the case with Endurance Shield’s sunblock. It’s the only sunblock I’ve ever used that goes on like a lotion, which is great when trying to cover a wiggling toddler! The scent was very light and refreshing and the protection from the sun was great! The sunblock is an SPF 45 and stood up to hours in the pool, a couple yard work sessions and a few long runs.

The Endurance Shield team also sent us the lip protectant, chamois crème, and muscle relief and repair lotion to try out.

Our findings? The lip protectant did just that – no sunburn or irritation after being outside all day! The muscle relief and repair lotion was soothing and helped relieve some soreness after a couple hard workouts, without the yucky smell that many other products like this have. And the chamois crème? This one gets the best all-around award. We used it to soothe blisters, chafed skin from diapers and insect bites!

Interested in trying Endurance Shield for yourself? One reader will win the High Performance Package, which includes all four of Endurance Shield’s products, a $72 value! To enter, watch for a link to this post on and simply LIKE it! That one lucky winner will be chosen via


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