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More than just an Advent Calendar

by Kendra Gilbertson

Growing up, Christmas was one of my favorite times of the year. There were certain things that I knew would happen every year and I looked forward to doing them with our family:

1. We would always pile in the car and drive through the neighborhood, what we called candy land, looking at the Christmas lights;

2. Each Christmas Eve we would attend our church’s candlelight service and then join our family and friends at their annual open house;

3. And we always had an advent calendar.

Most years, the advent calendar was just one of the cardboard ones that had a piece of chocolate for each day, but I have a vivid memory of my brother and I taking turns getting that little piece of chocolate each day. Fast forward and now I have a family of my own. The transition to married life and life with kids at the holidays is not always easy. I so desperately want to pass along to my kids all of the same traditions I had growing up, and so does my husband. One of his favorite memories growing up was their advent calendar as well, so it was an easy choice to continue the advent calendar tradition with our children!

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

My husband went to work making this great advent calendar that will hopefully last for many years to come. I filled each bucket with a fun activity that we can do as a family throughout the holiday season.

Some of the family fun activities include putting up the Christmas tree, reading the Christmas story, looking at lights in other neighborhoods, decorating cookies, and watching Christmas movies. Some of the buckets will also include something fun, like a piece of candy or a small toy for the kids to enjoy. For more ideas of what we will be doing for Advent season, click here!

Over the years I’m sure the type of activities will evolve, but I hope this rustic advent calendar – and the fact that we will be doing activities as a family – will be one of the most cherished memories my kids will remember about celebrating the Christmas season.

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