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Mommy Bag Must-Haves for 2015

By Stephanie Wentworth

Mom Bag Must-Haves for 2015

Mom Bag Must-Haves for 2015

(1) Monogram Nylon Bag from LL Monograms on Etsy
Simple, chic, and totally mom worthy! The lightweight, versatile material of this bag makes it easy to pack all of your essentials while staying trendy! Choose from 12 colors and personalize with your monogram to fit your style.

(2) Neat Cheeks
These little wipes get the clean-up done after every meal! They’re all natural, sweetened with Stevia, and don’t leave those little cheeks dried out or feeling sticky!

(3) Hand Sanitizer from Kosmatology
This goody-goody grapefruit hand sanitizer is a must-have in any mommy bag! Its all-natural list of ingredients keeps hands clean and refreshed while serving a greater good! This product is paraben free and non-animal tested.

(4) Personalized Planner
Is your 2015 New Year’s resolution to get more organized? Grab one of these completely customized planners from! Choose your planner size, cover photo, layout, and more! You can even choose what month you want your planner to start. You will be sure to stay organized and on the right track this year!

(5) Touch Up Kit
Cosmetic bags can take up so much room in our mommy bag, but this small, fully-loaded set comes with everything you need on the go! With six color combination choices, you’re sure to find something that fits your look! Each kit includes three eye shadows, blush, blush glow powder, face powder, and a pencil – all in a sleek, mirrored compact case!

(6) Brain Dump Notepad from Idieh Shop on Etsy
Does your brain run a mile a minute, full of Pinterest crafts, recipes, and momtographer photo sessions that you don’t want to forget? Is your mommy bag full of old receipts that you can’t throw out because of all your scribbled notes that are on the back of them? This Brain Dump pad is the perfect solution to your scrambled mind! Keep it tucked in the side pocket of your mommy bag for those pencil-worthy ideas and inspirations you have this year!

(7) Wet Bag from For Keeps Amanda on Etsy
Juggling your mommy bag along with the little ones is enough, but add a lunch tote full of snacks and a spare clothes bag and you have yourself a disaster waiting to happen. These zippered bags are perfect for so many reasons. Toss an ice pack into one of these little guys for a snack sack that easily fits into your bag. Or fold it up and keep it empty for those trips to the water park this summer! Need more reasons to reserve room in your mommy bag for one of these? Keep them handy for those baby bottom blow-outs, or use one to store that extra change of clothes that constantly clutters your bag!

(8) Talaria Folding Ballet Flats
Going out for that one date night that you’ve been waiting all month long for isn’t the same in a pair of sneakers or those broken-in flats that you’ve worn all week. So, take a stand! Rock those 3 inch pumps during dinner, but keep a pair of these foldable flats in your bag for the movie! No one will notice that you’ve changed in between, and those who do will likely be wishing they had a pair!


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