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Lunch ideas… GO!

lunch ideas

For many of us moms, we are sending our kiddos off to school today or within the next week. The alarm clocks in my home began to buzz at the crack of dawn, and I found myself a little excited to begin this routine again. My kids (5th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade) already had their outfits picked out, hair combed and backpacks ready to go by the front door. Wow! This back-to-school routine is definitely getting easier every year!

My task each day is to do a couple things. One – make sure their hair looks OK, and to assist in the pony-tails or French braids. Two – make the lunches. My youngest likes to make her own lunch – however some parental guidance is necessary to look over her choices. It’s amazing how many more snacks she can put into her lunch instead of fruit! My older two like to have my help with their lunch. It’s not that they can’t make their own… I like to think that it’s an opportunity to talk about their likes and dislikes… even in something as simple as their daily lunch!

Lunch ideas. OK – here’s my challenge. Today was easy. Oven-roasted turkey sandwich, grapes, crackers, and a snack – all favorites of my kids. However I know I can easily get into a rut when shopping for their lunches.  Let’s share some lunch ideas that have been a success for your child’s lunch. Do you have any creative sack-lunch-friendly ideas that your kids love?

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  1. Kristi says:

    On Facebook, Sarah shares! She shares they have gluten free options as well! Thanks Sarah!

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