Letter From the Editor: Resolutions… What if I fail?


Letter from the Editor – Kristi Corley
We’re already well into 2015, and I’ve heard many people say, “I’m not making any resolutions this year. Exercise more … lose weight … read more … argue less. Blah, blah, blah.”

I get it. I’m right there with you. I’m too busy to add a resolution to my schedule. Besides, what if I fail?

What if I fail?

Let’s pause there. Failure.

As moms, we compare ourselves to others. All. The. Time. We look at each other’s Facebook wall; we look at another mom’s blog; we read about her half-marathon personal record; we look at their vacation photos or we look at her model-esque body, and we conclude that we’ve failed.


But really, have we failed, or are we setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves? Let’s pause for a moment to consider what areas in your life you’d like to see improvements. Ask yourself, “I would be …

  •       less stressed if …
  •       more available for my family if …
  •       a happier momma if …”

Then jot down one single, simple step to make that a reality. It’s not that you’ve failed in that area, but rather taking a step to say, “I want to improve.”

And on that note of comparison … let’s stop again. Let’s stop comparing our lives to other mommas. It’s exhausting!

I truly hope that 2015 is a year filled with sweet momma moments, less stress, and plenty of happy memories to swell your heart!

Kristi Corley

editor in chief


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