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Having a Family Game Plan

by Julie Coombs

Having a Family Game Plan

Having a Family Game Plan

Coaches don’t go into a season without spending time and energy coming up with what they believe will be a winning GAME PLAN. They’ll review footage, consult with experts, and have white boards all marked up with various plays and strategies.

What’s your game plan for parenting? Do you have one? Are you intentional about what you are doing? Having a family game plan is vital to maintain a winning season. Here are some tips that you may find helpful.

1. Help your children feel like they are a part of a TEAM. Include them in decisions that will affect the family – like helping to plan the next family vacation! Also, be excited about the things that interest them. If they are not an active part of your TEAM right now, they may start looking to become a FREE AGENT, to find a new team where their talents and abilities are more valued and appreciated.

2. Use the OFF SEASON – times when there seems to be no immediate crisis – to work on strengthening and stretching areas that may encounter extra stress during the regular season. Spend time talking about issues before your children actually have to face them, because they will need the muscle memory to know instinctively what to do when a that TRICK PLAY is called.

3. Listen to each other. There is seldom one coach for a football team. The HEAD COACH needs input from others on his coaching staff that have different specialties. And coaches also benefit from the cheers and excitement of the crowd. Who in your life do you have as your SPECIAL TEAMS COACHES? Who are your FANS? Who are the people in your life that will encourage, challenge, and help build you up?

4. Life is difficult. There are times when an INTERCEPTION will get us down. Or maybe we are pinned back on the TWO-YARD-LINE with very few options. It’s not over. Don’t loose hope. These are the times when a big COME-BACK can save the day.

5. Don’t give in to the temptation to sit on the SIDELINES. Always be ready for what’s next. The game of life is constantly changing. If you normally play OFFENSE but something unexpected happens, be ready and willing to jump in and play some DEFENSE.

Today there was a FLAG ON THE PLAY in my house; someone got BENCHED as a result of the PENALTY they caused. In a similar way, discipline should be done with the purpose of teaching. Sometimes just running the play again is all that is needed. But make sure to eventually put that player back in the game as a member of the team.

So what does my winning team look like? Is it that the kids are happy and I’m happy and life is going smoothly? Is it that beds are made and chores are done? No. My team is winning when life is happening. Maybe I have to call an AUDIBLE and still don’t get that FIRST DOWN right away, but we will always return to the HUDDLE as a TEAM!


Originally posted 10/12/2014


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