DIY Coffee Mug Cozy

by Joanna Pluszcz
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You probably have more than one sweater lying around the house that nobody uses anymore. Here is a simple project on how to up-cycle that old piece of clothing into something fun and useful!

  1. Sweaters with bold, funny prints work best. For this particular project, I found a sweater with a print located directly on the sleeve.
  2. Once you’ve found an interesting pattern, cut it to the desired length. The cozy can either cover a whole mug or just a portion of it. For this project, I created one that covers the entire length.
  3. Next, you want to pull out the left-over cut thread, which will give you a nice clean edge. There will be many little cut pieces hanging out. Gently pull them until you get to one long thread that goes all the way around.
  4. Once you have cleaned up the edge, use the same thread and a big-eye plastic needle to finish the edge by threading through each of the left-over loops. Once all the way around, tie a knot and tuck in the ends. You can also use a decorative ribbon or a contrasting colored thread!

And voila, you have yourself a cute mug cover – all while the kids were napping.


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