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by Jackie Vega

Summer time is perfect for vacations, family picnics, play dates and lounge time by the pool. All this relaxing can easily translate to over-indulging in all things “fun,” while our dedicated routine workouts (you know, the ones intended to truly burn fat and enhance muscle tone) and clean eating are thrown to the wayside!
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Well listen up, because the alarm clock is ringing and it’s back-to-school time! Schedules quickly become crammed with homework, soccer practice, PTO meetings and dance class. And before you know it, you find yourself thinking about what to cook for a hassle-free dinner, trying to pack everyone’s lunches, all while the baby is crying to be changed. How could you possibly begin to think about how a workout routine will fit back into your schedule?

You can get back on track now that the kids are heading back to school! Here are some great ideas to ward off the “I-do-not-have-time” thought process and take control once more:
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•  Commit to a goal and make it reasonable and attainable. Maybe there is a fall reunion coming up, a concert…those are great ways for setting a specific date of reaching your goal and making the fitness routine a habit.
•  Get that goal in writing by utilizing the family calendar. Everyone in the family will see what you are doing, and they will know that you mean business! (Think about it…we have to get to the school open house, after-work meetings, evening sports events – and all that already goes on the family calendar; so why not put your exercise appointment on the calendar as well!)
•  Pack your food. Running errands all day? This will keep you out of the fast food lane. Remember your water, too!
•  You CAN do it. Some people say 21 days to make a habit, others say 40 days. Either way, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day of exercise. Get right on that horse again and keep pressing forward.
•  Find a support system. This can be as simple as physically showing your family where you have plotted your workout appointments, and sharing your fitness goals. Your family will help you stay on track! Or, you can find a group of other moms on the same path who also need the support. You can exchange texts, emails, or use the same fitness application that allows to share your progress.

So make your plan! You are worth it!


Originally posted 8/12/2013


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