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Kristi Corley With three children going into 7th, 6th and 4th grade, you might think I have the back-to-school thing figured out! However, I’m actually a bit nervous about the upcoming school year.

For the past eight years, my kids have gone to a very small, private school. This year they will be going to rather large public schools (by choice). They are just as worried about all the unknowns as I am, but one thing we do know is that we will have many opportunities to grow during this change.

In this issue, our aim is to help you prepare for whatever stage you may be in for “back to school.” We have some cute ways to pack your child’s lunchbox (p. 10), great tips for starting a college fund (p. 15), an informative school choices article that provides a look into public, private and homeschooling options (p. 16), and helpful tips to get your child ready for kindergarten (p. 19). We hope these articles help you feel a little more prepared for the school year!

Plus, we’ve got some great giveaways in this issue too! Winning them is as EASY as 1-2-3!

  1. like – Like us on Facebook!
  2. find – Search for giveaways in our timeline and/or in photos.
  3. like – “Like” the specific post or photo!

It’s that easy! Like, find, like! All winners will be chosen through And speaking of Facebook, we love hearing from you!

Recently, Veronica wrote,

Have you had any articles on car seat safety tips?
– Veronica M.

We haven’t, but it’s been one of those “we should talk about that” topics! Thanks for the question!
– babyourself

Awesome! I keep seeing friends’ pictures of their kids with loose straps or low clips and I would love to be able to pass an article along generally to raise awareness of what the safest ways to buckle are. Call me conflict avoidant! lol
-Veronica M.

So here’s what we are working on for our next issue!
* Car seat safety and installation
* On-the-go products
* Pregnancy Fall fashion!

Kristi Corley
editor in chief

P.S. How savvy is your toddler with an iPad or smartphone? babyourself and Dr. Gordon are conducting a survey! To participate, stay tuned and we’ll be posting details on the right side of this website!


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